How to Choose Best Workout Clothes

Did you know that perfect workout outfits increase 10 times of your fitness motivation? You don't want to stop every rep after rep just to adjusts saggy legging or loose fit sports bra. when you do high-intensity workouts such as jumping, lunging and squatting. 
It's tough to find affordable workout clothes that aren't just cheap workout clothes. especially no see-through leggings.  
No one wants to spend their hard-earned money on wrong clothes or non-performing outfits. Here are some tips to get the best workout outfits.

The Fabrics is the key 

Why it matters? Sometimes you see a pair of legging and it looks cute and looks amazing, but what matters most, how it feels during your workout. Start by looking at a few important factors before making the purchase. 
Cheap workout clothes might feel good in your wallet but not much on your body.
Cotton - Cotton is best for the low-intensive workout. the fabric sops like a sponge, making it really uncomfortable for super sweaty workouts. Cotton workout clothes best for light resistance like slow yoga flow. 
Wicking Fabrics - Wicking fabrics are modern technical fabrics made from (nylon and polyester) which draw moisture away from the body. If you just want to avoid sweat from your body while your workout this is the material for you. Also, this kind of material can help keep your body temperature down during the workout. 

Consider External condition

Such as weather conditions,  especially when you do your workout in outdoor conditions. When the winter season more layers for your clothes are more important to keep your body extra warm. 
When the weather is on hot condition wicking workout clothes even more important because you will likely sweat more. Even these clothes can give extra protection from UV rays. 

Do the squat test

is that important? The answer is yes. You want to avoid leggings that see-through when lunge or squat. It's impossible to tell that which pieces will see through just by looking at it. so always do a check. If you are buying online be mindful to see more reviews and the company has a clear return policy. Cheap workout clothes waste of money if it ends up hanging in your wardrobe.

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